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    Your Trusted Food Additives and Chemicals Supplier

    As a company with experience in food additives and chemicals, Mondstar can assist you in solving various trade-related issues,
    making your procurement process simpler and cost-effective.

    Over 1,000 products, from food ingredients to cosmetics ingredients, offer infinite possibilities.

    Mondstar possesses over 1000 high-quality ingredients covering food, animal feed, human health and industrial chemicals, opening up endless possibilities for your business. We are dedicated to becoming your trusted one-stop supplier for diversified raw materials.

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    Mondstar International Trading Co., LTD

    Mondstar is pursuing excellent service, constantly innovating, and providing high-quality additives products and solutions.

    As a leading food additives supplier and chemicals supplier, Mondstar plays a significant role in the food industry. Mondstar prioritizes product quality and food safety. Cater to all your needs with professional knowledge and services. Following new industry trends and providing more assistance in your business.

    Provide You With The Best Buy Food Additives Experience.

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    The Mondstar team has been in the industry for years and has rich service experience to meet your needs for food additives, feed additives, and raw chemical materials.

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    Work with reliable and well-known additive manufacturers.
    Helping you better understand the supply market. 
    Reduce your purchase budget.

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    24/7 online service

    Timely Pre-sales and After-sales service.
    Custom packaging and formulations are acceptable.

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    Stable transportation system, Mondstar has its own transportation company which cooperates with the most well-known shipping and airlines so that can provide multiple modes of transport with competitive shipping rates to ensure that your order reaches you quickly and safely at a lower cost.
    Mondstar has multiple modern warehouses in various regions and can ship goods to any country internationally without any delay.

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    Market Analysis

    A professional marketing department analyzes food additives market trends and sends market reports to customers.

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    Quality Control

    Strict quality control system, Mondstar requires and records every point of each batch of products from raw material to the final packaging, Requires every batch of products to issue a qualified test report, and randomly selects samples for loading, samples will be stored for a year.
    The Products passed the ISO 9001、ISO 22000、FSSC 22000、HACCP、KOSHER、HALAL、FDA and other certifications.


    Food & Beverage

    Food is not just a source of nutrients, it can bring joy and happiness. With the diversification of food products, more and more people are beginning to pursue food health and safety.
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    Animal Health and Nutrition

    With years of experience, Mondstar has numerous products for the Feed industry; such as Feed additives、Feed supplements, and enzymes, which are important in feed utilization、disease resistance, and growth.
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    Industry Applications

    Chemicals are everywhere. As industrial lubricants, chemicals are widely used not only in daily necessities but also in metal processing, chemical synthesis, oil extraction, and water treatment.
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