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    Sodium Alginate

    Sodium alginate is an important hydrocolloid derived from brown seaweed used as a stabilizer, thickener, and gelling agent.


    Chemical name: Sodium alginate; sodium alginate algin

    CAS Number:9005-38-3

    EINECS Number:618-389-6

    Molecular formula: (C6H7NaO6)n

    Molecular weight: Variable

    Product Standard:  GB/FCC/EP


    25kg polyethylene drum or 25kg composite bag.

    Storage Condition: Kept in a light-proof,well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Sodium Alginate

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    Product Overview

    Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide extracted from brown algae (seaweed). It is the sodium salt of alginic acid. Chemically, sodium alginate consists of mannuronic and guluronic acid monomers. The sodium alginate formula is  (C6H7NaO6)n, and its chemical name is sodium polysulfate. Sodium alginate is a white or off-white powder. It has a wide range of applications in food, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries, and is considered to be a relatively safe and biocompatible compound.


    Item Unit Index E401
    Viscosity 20℃ mPa.s conforms to request conforms to request
    Content % ≥85 90.8~106.0
    Lead (Pb) mg/kg ≤5.0 ≤5.0
    Loss on drying -- 15 15
    Water insoluble matter % ≤2.0 ≤2.0
    Ash w/% 18~27 --
    Arsenic(As) mg/kg ≤2.0 ≤3.0
    Mercury(Hg) mg/kg -- ≤1.0
    Cadmium(Cd) mg/kg ≤1.0 ≤1.0
    Formaldehyde mg/kg -- ≤50
    Total Plate Count cfu/g -- ≤5000
    Yeast and Mold cfu/g -- ≤500
    Escherichia coli -- -- Negative in 5g
    Salmonella -- -- Negative in 10g
    The main application of Sodium Alginate

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