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    Mining & Oil Drilling

    Resources are crucial for economic development, and achieving maximum efficiency in the process of resource extraction is a paramount objective for businesses.


    Oil and mining operations have to deal with a lot of problems. Some big ones are wellbore instability, drilling fluid getting lost underground, and gear rusting up. To make drilling processes safer and more efficient, special chemicals are added to the drilling mud. These additives and chemicals improve the performance of drilling muds while minimizing their impact on the environment.

    One of the chemicals used in oil drilling is deflocculant. Deflocculants stop clumping and improve drilling efficiency. A commonly used deflocculant is sodium tripolyphosphate. Viscosifiers are very important chemicals for keeping the thickness of drilling fluids just right. Viscosifiers are key for maintaining enough pressure, reducing fluid loss, and improving the drilling fluid’s cutting carrying capacity. One commonly drilling mud additive is xanthum gum.

    Another widely used additive in oil drilling and mining is an emulsifier. It is used to produce stable emulsions in oil-based muds, which are critical for drilling in difficult conditions. Calcium chloride, fatty acids and organic acid salts are common emulsifiers to ensure the stability of the drilling fluid.

    Chemicals used in oil drilling also include antiscalants to prevent the formation of scale deposits. These scales, if formed, can hinder drilling operations. Sodium tripolyphosphate is one of the most popular antiscacalants.

    Another additive, lubricant, is used to ensure the smooth operation of drilling equipment. Calcium chloride acts as a lubricant in drilling operations. It facilitates the drilling process and increases the drilling equipment’s longevity and overall efficiency by lowering friction between the equipment and the borehole. Chemicals in oil drilling fluid also include filtration control agents such as carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC).

    Other chemicals that are used in oil drilling and mining include fluid loss control agents to prevent the loss of drilling fluids, biocides for safe drilling operations and corrosion inhibitors to protect the drill string and other equipment from corrosion.

    It is very important to make sure that the chemicals you buy for oil drilling and mining are high-quality and environmentally safe. Mondstar is renowned for sticking to world safety standards and supplying quality additives and chemicals. We have been supplying chemicals globally for more than ten years. Our huge range of chemicals includes deflocculants, viscosifiers, stabilizers, antiscalants, lubricants, emulsifiers and many more. We have warehouses both abroad and in China for delivering products to our customers quickly. Get in touch with us for all your requirements for chemicals and additives.

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