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    Textile& Leather

    The combination of Chemistry and Technology has brought great changes and innovations to textiles and leather.


    Textile and leather industries face a lot of challenges in manufacturing good quality and nice looking durable products. To get soft, resilient products that keep their color, they need additives. Companies want affordable ways to get high quality results. Therefore, manufacturers use additives in textile and leather to improve their product’s quality. But, it’s important to focus on safe, eco-friendly chemicals to prevent any harm to the environment.

    A commonly used chemical in textile industry is dye additives. These additives are very important for giving fabrics bold colors and patterns. Some typical dye additives used are sodium lactate, sodium diacetate and ammonium bicarbonate. Modern dye additives are made to be safe to use and follow strict environmental rules, so they don’t risk hurting people or the ecosystem.

    To make fabric and leather products durable, flame retardants are used. These additives are incorporated into fabrics to make them less flammable and slow down fire spreading. Some common flame retardants that are used in textile and leather industries include ammonium chloride and phosphorus compounds. These flame retardants effectively inhibit the ignition and combustion of textiles.

    Enzymes are another one of the most commonly used chemicals in leather and textile industry. Enzymes like neutral protease and alkaline protease are used in leather processing. They are important for removing hair and softening hides and skins to produce smooth leather without much damage. Enzymes used in making fabrics include acid protease and cellulase.

    To further improve the quality, performance, and look of textile products, sodium alginate is also used.

    Oxidizing agents are used to produce soft, stretchy and durable leather goods. Potassium diacetate is one of the most commonly used oxidants.

    Where can you buy chemicals and additives that are both high-quality and safe to use? Chemicals that enable manufacturers to produce superior products while minimizing their environmental footprint?

    Mondstar is renowned for sticking to world safety standards and supplying quality additives and chemicals. We have been supplying chemicals for more than ten years. Our customers are both local and global manufacturers. We have warehouses both abroad and in China for quick delivery of products. You can get in touch with us for all your requirements of chemicals and additives.

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