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    Sodium Hexametaphosphate

    Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP),a multifunctional agent in food processing and water treatment.


    Chemical name: Sodium hexametaphosphate; Hexasodium metaphosphate; SHMP

    CAS Number: 10124-56-8

    EINECS Number: 233-343-1

    Molecular formula:(NaPO3)6(NaPO 6

    Molecular weight:611.77

    Product Standard: GB/EP/FCC


    25kg paper-plastic composite bag lined with PE film.

    Storage Condition: Kept in a light-proof,well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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    Product Overview

    Sodium hexametaphosphate SHMP also known as sodium polyphosphates, is an inorganic compound composed of six phosphate anions and eighteen sodium cations. Sodium hexametaphosphate chemical formula (NaPO3)6 appears as a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water, forming alkaline solutions, with sodium hexametaphosphate pH ranging from 9 to 11 depending on the concentration. It has applications in meat processing, detergent making, metal cleaners, coatings, and ceramics. Sodium hexametaphosphate in water treatment is used to sequester calcium and prevent scaling.


    Item Index Result
    Total phosphate (as P2O5) ≥68.0% 68.5%
    Non-active phosphate(as P2O5) ≤7.5% 6.8%
    Fe (as Fe) ≤0.02% 0.01%
    PH value 5.8-6.5 5.8-6.5
    Solubility Qualified Qualified
    Heavy metal (as Pb) ≤0.001% 0.0008%
    Arsenic (as As) ≤0.0003% 0.0003%
    Fluoride (as F) ≤0.003% 0.001%
    Water-insoluble ≤0.06% 0.05%
    Degree of polymerization 9-21 9-21
    The main application of Sodium Hexametaphosphate
    • Sodium hexametaphosphate in food can effectively stabilize texture, retain moisture and improve shelf life.
    • Sodium hexametaphosphate in meat processing functions as a chelating agent, interacting with sodium ions to enhance meat tenderness and juiciness.
    • Sodium hexametaphosphate uses in seafood increases water-holding capacity and improves the mouthfeel of various seafood products.
    • Sodium hexametaphosphate in the production of bean paste and soy sauce aids in preventing discoloration, accelerating fermentation processes, and shortening fermentation cycles for quicker achievement of ideal texture.
    • Sodium hexametaphosphate in ceramic production serves as a fluxing agent, facilitating the melting and sintering of materials and enhancing the compactness and strength of ceramic wares.

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