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    Alkaline Protease

    Alkaline protease enzyme: enhancing detergent effectiveness and food protein modification for texture and digestibility.


    Chemical name: Alkaline protease; Alkaline proteinase

    Product Standard: GB23527


    The liquid is packaged in 25 kg plastic drums, the powder is packed in 20 kg bags.

    Storage Condition: Keep well closed in its original packing in a cool & dry place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Alkaline Protease

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    Product Overview

    Alkaline protease is a type of protein-hydrolyzing enzyme known for its excellent catalytic performance under alkaline conditions. This enzyme possesses the capability to break down peptide chains within protein molecules, thereby yielding peptides or amino acids. Moreover, in the presence of organic solvents, alkaline protease can catalyze the synthesis of peptides. Alkaline protease exhibits its optimal activity within the alkaline pH range of 9 to 12, indicating its superior efficiency under alkaline conditions. Furthermore, it demonstrates heightened enzymatic activity at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for deployment in various high-temperature industrial processes.

    Alkaline protease plays a pivotal role in multiple industrial and biotechnological applications. It finds widespread use in sectors such as the food industry, detergent manufacturing, and biotechnology. Its ability to disassemble protein structures and facilitate the synthesis of peptides under specific conditions renders it an indispensable component in these processes.


    Item Index


    Field of application
    Form Liquid / solid


    Meat paste savory flavor, feed production, plant protein peptide, collagen peptide, silk degumming, leather softening, blood protein peptide, blood stain cleaning, soy protein modification, foliar fertilizer, seaweed DHA, tobacco fermentation. stain cleaning, soy protein modification, foliar fertilizer, seaweed DHA, tobacco leaf fermentation
    Enzyme activity 100,000-500,000 U/g


    Grade Food grade,

    feed grade,

    industrial grade

    Optimal temperature 40-55℃


    Optimum PH


    The main application of Alkaline Protease
    • Alkaline protease in leather processing enhances tenderizing, shortens production time, and elevates yield and quality while cutting costs.
    • Alkaline protease uses in heparin sodium manufacturing improves the molecular uniformity and purity of the final product.
    • Alkaline protease in active peptide and protein material processing boosts nutritional value and absorption efficiency.
    • Alkaline protease in laundry detergents significantly escalates stain removal capabilities, particularly when incorporated using granulation techniques.
    • Alkaline protease in brewing industry aids in protein breakdown in barley and grains, contributing to clearer, more stable beer production.
    • Alkaline protease in animal feed production improves the digestibility of protein-rich components, enhancing overall nutritional value.
    • Alkaline protease in waste management accelerates organic waste decomposition, leading to more effective composting and waste treatment.
    • Alkaline protease in biofuel production assists in biomass conversion to biofuels by breaking down plant proteins and cellulose for bioethanol fermentation.
    • Alkaline protease in the paper and pulp industry reduces pitch and stickies, thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of paper products.
    • Alkaline protease in the textile industry removes sizing agents from fabrics, ensuring increased softness and comfort.
    • Alkaline protease in environmental remediation breaks down organic pollutants, aiding in soil and water decontamination.

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