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    Calcium Chloride

    Calcium chloride is a common ingredient used as a thickener stabilizer, preservative, processing aid, and flavor modifier.


    Chemical name: Calcium chloride

    CAS Number10043-52-4

    EINECS Number:233-140-8

    Molecular formula:  CaCl2

    Molecular weight:110.98

    Product Standard: GB/USP/FCC/EP


    25kg net weight woven bag; 1000kg finished product packaging.

    Storage Condition: Kept in a light-proof,well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Calcium Chloride

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    Product Overview

    Calcium chloride, an inorganic compound of calcium and chlorine, exists primarily in two forms: calcium chloride anhydrous (CaCl2 0H2O) and calcium chloride dihydrate (CaCl2 2H2O). The anhydrous form is a white, hygroscopic solid, while the dihydrate appears as white crystalline granules or powder. With a density of approximately 2.15 g/cm³, calcium chloride is notable for its high solubility in water, a characteristic that intensifies with increasing temperature. This aspect, known as calcium chloride in water, plays a crucial role in its applications. Additionally, the calcium chloride pH is a significant factor in its diverse applications across food processing, pharmaceuticals, industrial usage, and oil drilling.


    Item Standard Result
    Content (CaC12), % ≥ 77 77.2
    Alkalinity,  (as Ca (OH)2),% ≤ 0.3 0.15
    Total alkali metal chloride, (as NaCl), % ≤ 5 3.5
    Water-insoluble,% ≤0.25 0.1
    Fe,% ≤0.006 0.015
    PH value 7-11 9
    Total magnesium, (MgCl2),% ≤0.5 0.5
    Sulfate ions, (as SO4),% ≤0.05 0.04
    Arsenic 0.0003 0.0003
    Heavy metals (such as lead)

    grain size

    0.0010 0.001
    Conclusion: Qualified
    The main application of Calcium Chloride
    • Calcium chloride in food processing is used to increase the hardness, stability, and texture of products like cheeses, tofu, bread, and canned foods.
    • Calcium chloride in water treatment serves as an agent to adjust water hardness and pH, helping control precipitation and scale formation.
    • Calcium chloride ice melt effectively reduces ice accumulation on roads and walkways, ensuring safer surfaces during winter conditions.
    • Calcium chloride in medicine is utilized both as a calcium supplement to address calcium deficiency and as an anticoagulant for controlling blood clotting.
    • Calcium chloride as a desiccant is known for its high moisture absorption capabilities, effectively absorbing ambient humidity.
    • Calcium chloride in ceramic manufacturing is employed to improve clay flowability in slip casting and molding by suspending clay particles in solution.
    • Calcium chloride in oil drilling emulsified muds is used to prevent clay swelling, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the drilling process.

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