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    Glyceryl Monostearate

    Glycerol monostearate: enhancing emulsification and stability in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


    Chemical name: Glyceryl monostearate; Distillation of glyceryl monostearate; GMS

    CAS Number:68-04-2

    EINECS Number:315-525-0

    Molecular formula: C21H42O4

    Molecular weight:358.56

    Product Standard: GB1886/USP/FCC


    25kg(net weight)woven bag or kraft paper bag lined with a plastic bag.

    Storage Condition: Keep well closed in its original packing in a cool and dry place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Buying Guide:

    Glycerol Monostearate Buying Guide

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    Product Overview

    Glyceryl monostearate GMS (E471) is a compound consisting of stearic acid and glycerin, purified by distillation. Glyceryl monostearate is an odorless, tasteless, stable white solid or flakes with a waxy or blocky appearance. The density of glyceryl monostearate is about 1.0 g/cm3. Glyceryl monostearate has very limited solubility in water at room temperature but is soluble in various organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone, and chloroform. It exhibits good chemical stability and is relatively stable under normal storage conditions. Glyceryl monostearate is widely used as a multifunctional additive in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care products.


    Item Unit E471 GB1886.65-2015
    Glycerin Monostearate Content % ≥ 90.0 ≥ 90.0
    Iodine Value g/100g ≤4.0 ≤4.0
    Free Glycerin % ≤2.5 ≤2.5
    Freezing Point % 60-70 60-70
    Free acid( stearic acid) % ≤2.5 ≤2.5
    Heavy Metals(Pb) % ≤0.0001 ≤0.0001
    Arsenic (As) % ≤0.0005 ≤0.0005
    The main application of Glyceryl Monostearate
    • Glyceryl monostearate in dairy products is used as an emulsifier, stabilizing milk fat emulsions and preventing separation, notably in products like ice cream, whipped toppings, and cream liqueurs.
    • Glyceryl monostearate in baked goods acts as a dough conditioner, aiding in gas retention and creating a soft, creamy texture, commonly in cakes, breads, muffins, and biscuits.
    • Glyceryl monostearate in medicine is employed as an excipient, enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of active ingredients in various formulations such as tablets, capsules, ointments, and liquid medicines.
    • Glyceryl monostearate in cosmetics and skin care products functions as an emulsifier, emollient, and thickener, contributing to the stability and improved application of formulations.
    • As a lubricious coating, glyceryl monostearate in food powders and various industrial applications prevents the sticking of ingredients and improves flow.

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