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    Glycine enhances your health and flavor: a key ingredient in nutritious foods and effective supplements.


    Chemical name:Glycine;glycine amino acid;glycin;Glycolic acid ;Aminoethanoic acid

    CAS Number: 56-40-6

    EINECS Number: 200-272-2

    Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2

    Molecular Weight:75.07 

    Product Standard: GB/FCC/USP

    Packing :

    25kg net composite paper plastic bags or 3-ply kraft paper bags with PE liners.

    Storage Condition: Sealed storage in a cool, dry, ventilated place, shall not be mixed with toxic chemicals transport storage.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Buying Guide:


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    Product Overview

    Glycine is the simplest amino acid, with glycine formula NH2CH2COOH. It has a unique structure consisting of an amino group, a carboxyl group, and a hydrogen-substituted side chain. This structure gives glycine distinctive physical properties, such as high water solubility and a unique sweet taste, that distinguish it from other amino acids. Its relatively small size contributes to its higher conformational flexibility, enabling glycine to adapt to strict spatial constraints, a property that is particularly useful in a variety of biochemical environments. Glycine's sweetness makes it useful in the food industry as a sweetener and flavor enhancer. It is also used as an antacid and a buffer in various pharmaceutical formulations.


    Item Specifications Results
    Identification Infrared absorption Confirm
    Assay(C2 H5 NO2), % 98.5-101.5 99.47
    Loss on drying, % =0.2 0.17
    Residue on ignition, % =0.1 0.08
    Chloride(as CL), % =0.007 <0.007
    Sulphate(as SO4), % =0.0065 <0.006
    Heavy metals(as Pb), % =0.002 <0.002
    Conclusion The above testing items of this product meet the USP36 grade standard.
    The main application of Glycine
    • Glycine in food manufacturing serves as a sweetener and taste enhancer, contributing to the flavor profile of various food products.
    • Glycine in nutritional supplements is used to improve the nutritional value, often included in products targeting joint and muscle health.
    • Glycine in protein-rich foods and beverages acts as a stabilizer and texture enhancer, improving the overall quality and feel.
    • Glycine in meat and poultry products is utilized to retain moisture, ensuring tenderness and juiciness in cooked meats.
    • Glycine in animal feed supplements enhances the nutritional quality, contributing to healthier and more robust livestock.



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