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    Sodium Erythorbate

    Sodium Erythorbate, a widely used antioxidant,provides more benefits to food processing.


    Chemical name: Sodium erythorbate; erythorbate sodium;d-sodium erythorbate

    CAS Number:‎6381-77-7

    EINECS Number:228-973-9

    Molecular formula: C6H7O6Na·H2O

    Molecular weight:216.12

    Product Standard: GB/USP//FCC


    Cardboard box net weight 25kg, food-grade polyethylene plastic bag, outer aluminum foil bag.

    Storage Condition:

    Keep well closed in its original packing in a cool and dry place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Buying Guide:

    Sodium Erythorbate

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    Product Overview

    Sodium erythorbate, also known as E316, is a highly effective sodium erythorbate antioxidant, renowned for its remarkable solubility in water and its ability to rapidly dissolve, forming a colorless and transparent solution. This compound, a white to pale yellow crystalline powder, is the sodium salt derivative of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The sodium erythorbate formula is C6H7O6Na·H2O. As a pivotal food additive and pharmaceutical ingredient, Sodium erythorbate has gained widespread acceptance and use across various sectors, including food, medicine, and the cosmetic industry.


    Item index
    Content,w% ≥ 98.0%
    Specific optical rotation αm(20 ℃,D)/[(°)·m2·kg-1] +95.5°~+98.0
    PH 5.5~8.0
    Loss on drying,w% ≤ 0.25
    Lead(Pb)/(mg/kg)≤ 5.0
    Arsenic(As)/(mg/kg)≤ 3.0
    Oxalic acid test Validated
    The main application of Sodium Erythorbate
    • Sodium erythorbate in food is used as an antioxidant additive to preserve freshness and enhance shelf life of beverages, baked goods, cured meats, canned fruits, and vegetables.
    • Sodium erythorbate in sausage helps maintain its natural pink color and freshness by protecting against oxidation during processing and storage.
    • Sodium erythorbate uses in animal nutrition supplements as a feed additive to support growth and reduce stress in livestock and poultry.
    • In cosmetics and skincare, sodium erythorbate protects against UV damage, evens skin tone, stimulates collagen production, and repairs signs of aging due to its antioxidant properties.
    • As a vitamin C supplement in pharmaceuticals, sodium erythorbate has good stability and bioavailability.
    • Sodium erythorbate acts as an antioxidant in plastics and rubber to prevent oxidation and degradation during manufacture and use.

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