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    Dicalcium Phosphate

    Dicalcium phosphate (DCP),essential for nutritional supplementation and food fortification.


    Chemical name: Dicalcium phosphate; calcium hydrogen phosphate; DCP

    CAS Number: 7757-93-9

    EINECS Number: 231-826-1

    Molecular formula: CaHPO42O

    Molecular weight:136.06

    Product Standard: GB/EP/USP/FCC


    25kg paper-plastic composite bag lined with PE film.

    Storage Condition: Kept in a light-proof,well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Dicalcium Phosphate

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    Product Overview

    Dicalcium phosphate DCP also known as dibasic calcium phosphate or calcium monohydrogen phosphate dihydrate, is an inorganic compound. It appears as a white crystalline powder that is relatively stable at room temperature. The fine powder particles exhibit good solubility in water. Dicalcium phosphate rapidly dissolves in water to form a solution of calcium dihydrogen phosphate. It is commonly used as a nutritional supplement, and pH-adjusting agent in agriculture, and food processing, among other fields.


    Item FCC-V USP-31
    Content (as CaHPO4·2H2O)%  ≥ 97.0-105.0 98.0-103.0
    Fluoride(as F) %  ≤ 0.005 0.005
    Scorching weightlessness % ≤ 24.5-26.5 24.5-26.5
    Heavy metal(as Pb) %   ≤ - 0.001
    Lead(Pb) %  ≤ 0.0002 0.0005
    Arsenic(As) %  ≤ 0.0003 0.0003
    Insoluble hydrochloric acid %  ≤ - 0.05
    The main application of Dicalcium Phosphate
    • Dicalcium phosphate in food acts as an acidic pH-adjusting agent and stabilizer, modifying the pH levels of various food products.
    • Dicalcium phosphate in dairy products, breads, doughs, cakes, and seasonings functions as a leavening agent.
    • Dicalcium phosphate in supplements is utilized as a source of calcium and phosphorus, contributing to the production of calcium tablets, powders, beverages, and other supplements.
    • Dicalcium phosphate in water treatment serves as an anti-scaling and buffering agent, preventing the formation of scale from calcium and magnesium ions.
    • Dicalcium phosphate in animal husbandry and the feed industry is used as a phosphorus source, supplementing animal feeds with essential phosphorus nutrition.
    • Dicalcium phosphate in spark plug manufacturing is employed as an additive to enhance the corrosion resistance of spark plugs.

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