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    From inception to growth, our chemical road

    Mondstar has come a long way since its first food additive business, we believe that food additive and chemicals can add more color to life.

    Mondstar’s Development History, since its establishment, the company has undergone a development stage from foundation to growth. At the outset, we adhered to a customer-centric and sincere cooperation philosophy as we constantly explored new markets and sought out partnership opportunities. From our initial focus on supplying a single food additive, as our history of additives continues to evolve, we have expanded our business scope to include feed additives, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical raw materials, oil drilling, and other industries. Throughout this expansion, we have continuously optimized operational systems, improved management practices, and assembled a professional team to deliver excellent service. With rich industry experience and robust resource advantages now under our belt, the company is well-positioned for our cooperation.

    In the increasingly competitive market, we still insist on honesty、professionalism、efficient service and are committed to becoming preferred wholesalers & distributors of chemicals and ingredient raw materials for global customers.
    We will maintain creativity and teamwork spirit, explore new business models and market opportunities, realize the development of the company, promote the development of the chemical trading industry, and create greater value for customers.

    Milestones Of Development

    February 2013

    mondstars development history
    our history 1

    February 2013, Ruike Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, which is the earliest name of Mondstar.

    March 2013

    mondstar history
    our history 2

    March 2013, cooperated with the first food additive customer.

    Jue 2014

    customized packaging
    our history 3

    June 2014, we customized personal one-to-one service for customers and established a service management system.

    February 2015

    our history 4

    February 2015, the cumulative sales exceeded 100 million Yuan.


    feed additives
    our history 5

    August 2015, entered the feed additives industry to open up new markets.

    March 2016

    mondstar brand
    our history 6

    March 2016, obtained the Mondstar trademark to start a new journey.

    May 2016

    overseas warehouse
    our history 7

    May 2016, Dubai’s overseas warehouse was established to increase the overseas storage capacity of chemical raw materials.

    May 2018

    mondstar 2018
    our history 8

    May 2018, cooperated with multiple organizations to establish flexible financial payment methods.

    September 2019

    mondstar overseas warehouse
    our history 9

    September 2019, a number of overseas warehouses were set up to provide faster delivery.

    How Can We Achieve Continued Growth In The Chemical Trade?

    Focus On Customer Demand

    Customer demand is the core of the market, learn the development trend of the market, adjust the product structure and market strategy immediately.
    For example. There are many kinds of sweeteners, traditional artificial sweeteners such as sodium cyclamate, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame with a slightly bitter taste and high calories. In recent years people’s desire for healthy food has advocates 0 sugar and 0 fat food, in the newly listed erythritol and xylitol have a good taste and do not participate in human metabolism, which are widely accepted by consumers. Mondstar follows the market to provide customers with more solutions.

    Supply Chain Management

    The supply chain of food additives and chemicals is an important point to ensure the products’ quality and efficiency. We strengthen cooperation with suppliers to improve efficiency to ensure that products can be delivered on time.
    Citric acid we are cooperating with Ensign, TTCA, and RZBC, lactic acid we are cooperating with Henan Jindan Technology.

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    Improve Employee Skills

    The growth and success of Mondstar are deeply rooted in the dedication and contributions of our team members. We place a strong emphasis on continuous learning and training, which are fundamental to enhancing the professional skills of our employees. This commitment to professional development ensures that our team is not only knowledgeable but also stays ahead in the rapidly evolving field of food additives and chemicals.

    Our training programs are tailored to cover a wide range of topics from product knowledge to application techniques. This ensures our teams are well-versed in the latest industry trends, technological advances, and regulatory standards. By deepening our understanding of product applications, our staff can provide customers with more insightful and effective solutions.

    Let's start additives collaboration now.

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