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    Other Chemicals

    Chemicals play an important role in industrial production and are designated as "industrial lubricants”.


    Chemicals are used a lot in manufacturing to help companies reduce costs and make better products. They get used in building, coatings, ceramics, photos, paper, printing, paint, and more.

    In construction, chemicals help make building materials stronger and longer-lasting. Some commonly used construction chemicals include sodium acetate, which acts as an accelerator to help cement set faster. Carboxymethyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose thicken up concrete and mortar so they apply better. Coatings also use chemicals to protect and improve surfaces. PolySoy lecithin is popular in coatings since it improves the flow and leveling of the coating, resulting in a smoother finish. That gives a nicer finish, especially for paints and varnishes.

    Ceramics are used to make all kinds of things, from plates to machine parts. Calcium chloride often goes into ceramic glazes. It helps the glaze coat ceramics evenly so they get a nice, consistent look.

    Metal treatment chemicals are also used in processing metals to enhance their properties. Treatments might involve degreasing, pickling, or stopping corrosion.

    Photography relies on chemicals to develop and fix images. Sodium metabisulfite is common in photo developers. It helps improve image contrast and sharpness.

    Paper industry uses various chemicals to make tougher, longer-lasting paper. Sodium sulfite, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and gellan gum help strengthen paper and make it more water resistant. This makes the paper useful for more applications.

    Similarly, the printing industry also uses lots of chemicals to make higher quality and longer-lasting printed materials. Some common additives are gellan gum and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. These help the ink flow and spread evenly which gives a smoother, more consistent finish on the printed surface.

    Chemicals also get used in paints a lot. Polysoy lecithin is popular in paints to help them flow and level out well. This makes the painted surface turn out smoother and more even. Gellan gum also goes in paints to improve their wet strength and water resistance.

    For industrial use, quality of chemicals matters a lot. Mondstar has been serving industries globally for over 10 years. We are renowned for sticking to world safety standards and supplying quality additives and chemicals. Our huge range of chemicals includes stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, reducing agents, pH regulators and many more for various industrial uses. We have warehouses both in China and abroad for quick delivery of products. Get in touch with us for all your requirements for chemicals and additives.

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