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    Pharmaceutical Chemicals

    The continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry has provided us with broader opportunities to pursue health and happiness. Mondstar with its innovative pharmaceutical additive solutions, adds momentum to our commitment to health.


    Manufacturers in pharmaceutical industry face many challenges in creating stable, effective, and safe drug formulations. One solution is using pharmaceutical additives, also called formulation additives. These additives play important roles in ensuring the stability, efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals.

    Additives in pharmaceutics are added to drug formulations to help with production, improve stability and make it easier for patients to take medicines. Additives in pharmaceuticals are essential for making tablets, capsules, injectables and topical creams.

    One really common additive used in drugs is stabilizers. Stabilizers in drug formulations are very important to maintain physical and chemical stability of drug formulations over time. They prevent degradation and keep the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) working properly throughout their shelf life. Commonly used stabilizers in pharmaceuticals include gelatin, carboxymethyl cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose. They are safe to use, and manufacturers use them to make stable drugs.

    To make the oral syrups taste better, sweeteners are used. They make it easy for patients, especially kids, to take medicine. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are most commonly used. These sweeteners in oral syrups are considered safe to ingest and have been extensively tested to ensure they don’t cause cancer or any other hazard.

    Another commonly used additives in pharmaceutical industry is preservatives. Preservatives in injectables are necessary to stop germs from growing and keep things sterile. Common choices are sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. These are carefully picked so they won’t interact with the active ingredients or cause patients any harm. Preservatives are very important to make a product’s shelf life longer.

    Emulsifiers are a popular additive in topical creams to improve their effectiveness. They help stabilize emulsions and spread the active ingredient evenly. Examples are polysorbates and lecithin which form stable emulsions to help the drug absorb better in skin. Emulsifiers in topical creams are safe and essential for producing effective and useable creams.

    Another common addition in pharmaceuticals is solubilizer. It is added in pharmaceuticals to help poorly soluble drugs dissolve better, increasing their bioavailability. Some widely used solubilizers for poorly soluble drugs are Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and cyclodextrins. They form complexes with drug molecules, which help drugs dissolve more easily in water-based solutions. These solubilizers are safe and help drugs absorb more effectively in the body.

    Surfactants are also widely used in liquid medicines. They lower surface tension and make the active ingredients disperse better in liquid formulations. Polysorbates and sodium lauryl sulfate are common surfactants in liquids. They improve solubility and stability of liquid formulations. These surfactants are safe for pharmaceuticals and play an important role in ensuring uniformity and effectiveness of liquid medications.

    Medicines and pharmaceuticals play an irreplaceable role in our lives. And pharmaceutical additives are crucial for making safe, stable and effective products. Mondstar has been serving industries globally by supplying a wide range of quality food additives and raw chemicals. We have an extensive 10+ years of experience in supplying quality raw chemicals. Our services include supplying a huge range of preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, sweeteners and emulsifiers. We have multiple warehouses in China and overseas to deliver products to our customers promptly. You can contact us anytime for all your requirements of pharmaceutical additives or chemicals.

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