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    Soy Lecithin

    Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier for enhanced texture and stability in food and nutritional supplements.


    Chemical name: Soy lecithin; soya lecithin

    CAS Number:8002-43-5

    EINECS Number:232-307-2

    Molecular formula: C42H80NO8P

    Molecular weight:758.07

    Product Standard: GB/USP/FCC


    1)Liquid lecithin: 20kg plastic bucket, 200kg iron bucket, 1000kg IBC bucket.

    2)Powder and granular lecithin: outer packaging is 20 kg per carton, and inner packaging is 1 kg, 5 kg, and 20 kg.

    Storage Condition: Keep well closed in its original packing in a cool and dry place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Buying Guide:

    Soy Lecithin

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    Product Overview

    Soy lecithin is a type of phospholipid extracted from soybeans. It is a complex mixture primarily comprised of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and phosphatidylinositol, among others. The fatty acid composition in soy lecithin mainly includes linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, among others. The varying composition of fatty acids can impact the physical properties and functional characteristics of soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is a nutrient-rich food ingredient, containing phosphorus, choline, inositol, vitamin E, biotin, and more. Lecithin, a versatile class of biomolecules, exists in various forms and types, finding applications across multiple industries.

    Concentrated Liquid Soy Lecithin: This form of lecithin is typically a viscous brownish liquid with a high concentration. It serves as a common emulsifier, stabilizer, and colloidal agent in the food industry. It is frequently used in the preparation of products like chocolate, sauces, and pastries. In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, concentrated liquid lecithin is employed for drug carriers, skincare products, and cosmetics emulsions.

    Decolorized Soy Lecithin: Decolorized lecithin is lecithin that has undergone special processing to remove its color. It is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    Powder and Granular Soy Lecithin: These forms of lecithin are typically in the form of powder or granules, offering good dispersibility. They find extensive use in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.


    Appearance Acetone Insoluble (%)≥ N-hexane Isolubles (%)≤ Moisture (%)≤ Acid Value (mgKOH/g)≤ Peroxide Value (mmol/kg)≤
    Liquid lecithin Brownish or amber-colored liquid 60 0.1 2.0 30 5.0
    Powder and granular lecithin light yellow 96 0.1 1 30 10
    The main application of Soy Lecithin
    • Soy lecithin in food as a prominent emulsifier, is commonly incorporated into various products including chocolate, salad dressings, and margarine.
    •  Soy lecithin in baking is used to improve dough handling and provide better moisture retention to baked goods.
    • Soy lecithin in chocolate improves texture and overall quality.
    • Soy lecithin is used in the confectionery to prevent the separation of cocoa butter.
    • Soy lecithin is used in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements as an excipient and has potential health benefits related to choline and inositol content.
    • Soy lecithin is used in animal feed to improve the texture and nutritional value of the feed.
    • Soy lecithin is used in various industrial applications, including as a release agent in rubber production, as a lubricant, and in the manufacture of inks, paints, and coatings.

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