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    Candy has a sweet taste and evokes happy memories of childhood. From lollipops and fudge to chocolate, gum, marshmallows and skittles, their colorful appearance quickly caught our attention. Candy has evolved dramatically over time. In addition to seeking sweetness, consumers are now increasingly interested in sweets that are low in sugar or have added nutrients.


    The candy industry is facing challenges from multiple fronts. Firstly, the candy market has become saturated, with severe product homogeneity among different companies and brands. Candy companies urgently need to develop unique product lines through technical innovation. Secondly, as consumers pay more attention to health issues, traditional high-sugar and high-calorie candy products are losing market share. The sugar, fat, and calorie content in candy is increasingly questioned. In contrast, consumers tend to opt for nutritious healthy foods or functional foods to replace some candy demands.

    Mondstar continues to explore innovative food additives in candy. Polyols are used as partial sugar substitutes to reduce sugar content while maintaining the sweetness and texture of confectionery. Nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners replace traditional sugar, reducing calories and blood sugar levels while retaining the sweetness of candy. Special starch and fiber are added to increase the fiber content of the candy and promote digestive health. Hydrocolloids are used to enhance the mouthfeel of confectionery.

    Mondstar is changing the world of confectionery by introducing innovative candy additives that cater to changing consumer preferences. Join us to redefine the candy experience and embark on this sweet journey.

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