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    Malic Acid

    Malic acid: a natural acidulant enhancing flavor and preserving quality in food and beverage products.


    Chemical name: Malic acid; l malic acid;2-Hydroxybutanedioic acid

    CAS No:617-48-1;6915-15-7

    EINECS Number:230-022-8

    Chemical Formula: C4H6O5

    Molecular weight:134.08

    Executive Standard: FCC/BP/USP


    1)25kg net composite paper plastic bags or 3-ply Kraft paper bags with PE liners.

    2)800ⅹ25kg bag=20mt in one 20fcl without pallets.

    3)720ⅹ25kg bag=18mt in one 20fcl with pallets.

    Storage: Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

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    Malic Acid

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    Product Overview

    Malic acid known in Europe as e296 is a common organic acid that exists as a solid crystal. It has a strong sour taste and is water soluble. The malic acid formula is C4H6O5, It's hygroscopic and readily absorbs moisture from the air. Malic acid ph in the range of 2.2 to 2.4. It is stable under proper storage conditions away from heat and moisture. Malic acid is widely used in food, beverage, and various industries. It has two optical isomer forms - l-malic acid and dl-malic acid.


    Item Unit Index
    Assay % 99.0-100.5
    Specific Rotation -- -0.1~+0.1
    Melting Range 127-132
    Water Insolubles % ≤0.1
    Sulphated Ash % ≤0.1
    Fumaric Acid % ≤1.0
    Maleic Acid % ≤0.05
    Heavy Metals ppm ≤10
    Arsenic ppm ≤2.0
    Lead ppm ≤2.0
    Mercury ppm ≤1.0
    Identification Test -- IR absorption
    The main application of Malic Acid
    • Malic acid in food and beverage industry is used as a flavor enhancer and pH control agent in juices, candies, jams, and canned fruit.
    •  Malic acid in animal nutrition is added to animal feed as an acidulant and palatability enhancer.
    • Malic acid in pharmaceuticals is used to enhance the solubility and stability of drugs. It is used as a tablet disintegrant and pH regulator in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.
    •  Malic acid in personal care and cosmetics is used in skin care products as a mild exfoliant and to balance pH.
    • Malic acid in metal cleaning is used as a descaling agent to remove oxide and mineral deposits from metal surfaces by chelation.
    • Malic acid in chemical synthesis is used as a chiral source for the asymmetric synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. It is also used in the production of polyester resins.

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