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    Animal Health & Nutrition

    Animals are man's best friends, nowadays more and more pet lovers are concerned about animal health and nutrition. At the same time, in the fields of cattle, sheep, chickens and aquaculture, people are also seeking to maximize economic value.


    Ensuring good animal health and nutrition matters a lot for sustainable and productive livestock farming. Proper nutrition supports growth, reproduction, and overall well-being of animals. It also directly impacts food quality and safety. There is an important role of feed additives in animal nutrition and health. That’s why they have become indispensable for modern livestock raising.

    To begin with, animal feed additives are substances that are added to animal feed for specific purposes such as improving feed quality, animal performance, and overall health.

    One important feed additive for ensuring animal health and nutrition are probiotics and prebiotics. They support the gut health of animals by growing good gut bacteria, improving nutrient absorption, and boosting immunity.

    In addition to probiotics and prebiotics, preservatives are also a very common feed additive to ensure animal health. They extend the product’s shelf-life by stopping spoilage and mold growth. Popular options are propionic acid, benzoic acid, and sorbic acid. Studies show these are safe to use in animal feed.

    Another important additive in animal feed is stabilizers. They maintain consistent feed texture and prevent separation or clumping. Lecithin, carrageenan, and xanthan gum are often used as feed makers who want longer shelf life for their products. They aim to keep feed fresh for a long, reduce costs, and make feed healthy and tasty.

    Furthermore, for making animal feed more healthy and nutritious vitamins and minerals are added. They work as nutritional enhancers for animals by providing essential vitamins and minerals that are missing from the diet.

    In addition to the above-mentioned additives, amino acids such as lysine are added in animal feed to adjust the amino acid composition of the diet, which helps in muscle growth and protein production.


    Innovative feed enzyme solutions


    Enzymes in feed also play a very important for ensuring health and nutrition. Feed enzyme like phytase, protease, and amylase work as digestibility enhancers, making more nutrients available to the animal. Organic acids like formic and propionic acid are also added to animal feed to preserve it, enhance hygiene, and promote a healthy gut.

    Livestock producers can improve feed conversion efficiency, maximize nutrient utilization, and advance animal health and productivity by adding the right feed additives.

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