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    Maltitol Syrup

    Maltitol syrup: a low-calorie sweetening solution for moisture retention and sweetness in foods.


    Chemical name: Maltitol syrup

    CAS Number:585-88-6

    EINECS Number:209-567-0

    Molecular formula: C12H24O11

    Product Standard: GB/EP/USP/FCC


    25kg drum, 300kg drum, 1000kg IBC drum.

    Storage Condition: Kept in a light-proof,well-closed, dry and cool place.

    Shelf life: 2 years.

    Buying Guide:

    Maltitol Syrup

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    Product Overview

    Maltitol syrup is usually a colorless or pale yellow viscous liquid with a texture similar to thick molasses. Maltitol syrup is odorless and has a pure sweet taste, about 90% of the sweetness of granulated sugar. It has a wide range of applications in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries and is usually used as a sweetener, thickener, and humectant.


    Item GB Result
    Solid content, % ≥75.0 75.9
    Maltitol content, %  ≥ 50 53.8
    Sorbitol content, %  ≤ 8 3.8
    Water content, %  ≤ 32 24.1
    Reducing sugar, %  ≤ 0.3 0.16
    PH 5.0-7.0 5.17
    Ignition residue, %  ≤ 0.1 <0.1
    Chlorid, mg/kg  ≤ 50 <10
    Sulfate, mg/kg  ≤ 50 <20
    Heavy metal, mg/kg  ≤ 5 <5.0
    Arsenic, mg/kg  ≤ 0.5 <0.5
    Nickel, mg/kg  ≤ 1 <1
    Lead mg/kg  ≤ 1 <1
    Total numbers of colony  CFU/mL   ≤ 100 <100
    Coli group, MPN/mL   ≤ 3 Not detected
    The main application of Maltitol Syrup
    • Maltitol syrup in candy uses harmoniously with sweeteners like sucralose, providing a sugar-like taste to sugar-free candies and chocolates.
    • Maltitol syrup in baked goods enhances dough handling and extends freshness. Additionally, it can be used for roasting at low temperatures.
    • Maltitol syrup in pharmaceutical preparations is effective in masking the unpleasant taste of active drugs.
    • Maltitol syrup is employed as a humectant in cosmetics, a fermentation supplement, a stabilizer in frozen dairy products, and a binder in compressed mints and chewing gum.

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